Telcos prepared to take the lead of the advancement of AI Technology and Connected Cars
South Korea announced, the three mobile operators launched the initial 5G offerings on the 1st December

CBTN is Applying for 5G License and Mobile Communication Entry

MIIT has agreed the application from CBTN, China Broadcasting and Television Network Co., Ltd, for the participation in the 5G deployment. CBTN is applying for 5G license and further entry in mobile communication sector.  Previously, CNBC, the state-owned broadcasting company owns the frequency bands of 700MHz, which was identified for IMT and got approval for mobile services operation.

The move applying for 5G license indicates its ambition for further entry in mobile sector.  All the three incumbent telecom operators already got the IPTV licenses, while CBTN only had that for fixed telecommunication network and none for mobile networking.  Therefore, in the case the application has been approved, the four operators will be at the same level for business entry , which might stimulate market competition and further integration of the businesses.

The industry commented, that will also be a challenge for CBTN, in the light of that there is big gap between telecom network and broadcasting network, no matter from the network construction, operation and maintenance, to the business promotion and services.